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Lun ferie i havgapet

Welcome to Hove Camping, Tromøy

Hove Camping is a beautiful camping site at Hove close to the city of Arendal.  An ideal place to camp for the entire family, with great nature experiences, fishing possibilities and great beautiful walks through the Troll-forest.

  • Beautiful beach with refreshing water from Skagerak
  • Troll-forest – Nice walk on good paths
  • The boulderstone shore comes from 10 000 year old land ice!
  • The camping is around 90 000 m²
  • The beach is located 50 metres from the camping, where you can take a fresh morning swim in refreshing water from Skagerak
  • Hove Camping is a member of NHO Reiseliv


Prices for Hove CampingSeason A
09.6 - 21.8
per night
Seson B
10.5 - 11.6 / 21.8 - 21.9
per night
Cabin type 1: 12 m² with 2 + 1 extra bed NOK 450NOK 330
Cabin type 2: 20 m² with 5 beds NOK 700NOK 530
Final cleaning per cabin NOK 250NOK 250
Caravans incl. electricity, cable-TV, internet-acsess and
enough space between the wagons.
Special offer before 12/6 – stay every third night for free

NOK 340NOK 220
Campingbus incl. electricity charges
NOK 420NOK 310
Combi campNOK 250NOK 200
Tent, incl internett, kitchen
4 persons incl 1 car
NOK 200
NOK 150
Heat for tent per nightNOK 20
Boat at the pier per night
inckl wc/shower
NOK 200
Washer - for one timeNOK 35NOK 35
Dryer - for one timeNOK 35NOK 35
Caravans - whole year + electricity chargesNOK 12300
Free internett / TV, modern sanitary installations nearby,
kitchen (tent)





+47 37 08 54 79


Groceries, milk and newly baked bread every day in summer season!


Burgers, pommes frites, pizza, icecream, cofee, and lemonade.  Wine and beer.


Service house
Showers, clean toilets, washing machines and drying tumblers.


Nice for the children, beautiful beach, bare rock-face where you can sunbath.


Nice course, high standard, a challenge. The minigolf course has 9 holes and is for the average minigolf player.


Walking paths
Some of the country’s best paths. Marked great paths, over 5 km. Beautiful paths through the troll-forest with twisted trees, boulderstone beach and bare rock-face. What about a trip up to the old gun site with a nice view over Torungen lighthouse and the ocean?


There is a playground in the center of the camping site and a playground near the football field.


Hove beach is located 50 meters from the camp. Very nice for the kids with shallow waters. The bare rock-face on the ocean side is very popular for sunbathing as well.


There are 4 sandvolleyball fields at Hove. They are located a couple of hundred metres outside the camping. One near by the football field and 2 at the little beach outside the camp.


Basketball and football
There is a small football field/basketball field next to the camping and a bigger grass court outside the camping where you also can find a nice asphalt basketball field.


Hove outdoor pursuits centre and Spornes
Close to Hove Camping is Hove outdoor pursuits centre and Spornes. Hove outdoor pursuits centre is known to host different camps and activities. Spornes is another great place on Tromøya where you can find both boulderstone shores and sand beaches.

Everybody enjoy Hove. Thanks to good maintenance of the paths and roads, you can easily taka a trip with your baby buggy.


To get to Hove Camping from E-18, take the exit toward Arendal and follow the road signs toward Tromøy. You have to cross the Tromøy bridge. When you pass a petrol station you have approximately 3 kilometres to go to Hove Camping. Follow the road signs to Hove and Hoveodden. You can also take a bus to get to Hove (See time schedules: Arendal – Tromøy Øst) and a ferry during the summer.









The Hove area is one of Norway’s culture and nature treasures. The moraine-zone was created for more than 10 000 years ago.

We can see what’s left of the land ice here at Hove. At the inside we find a forest that moderate the high wind from the sea. One of our paths goes along with this forest. «Troll-path», as many people use to call it – you have the impression of Troll forest with the twisted pinewoods and the dark overhanging trees.

People populated the area in the bronze age (about 4000 years ago), and the 97 registered barrows hidden in the forest is an evidence of just that.

This is an old Viking area you are about to enter. Hove farm, the legend has it that it farm was owned by the viking Storvik – the farm was headquarters for a «godsitting» for about 1000 years ago.

Arendal council bought the Hove area from the government in 1999 on one condition. It should be a free territory for all users, small and big, and people with a handicap of movement.